Bayside Sea Scouts is entirely volunteer run.

We would love to have you join the team!

What do our volunteers do?

“Both my children are Bayside Sea Scouts and I love that I am able to help.  Volunteering my time at a Fundraising event, is a great way to meet other parents and form great friendships.  Seeing my kids, learn new skills, gain confidence and make wonderful friends, on a section night, as a parent helper is wonderful.  I know by helping as a volunteer at Bayside Sea Scouts is helping a whole generation of kids gain life skills they would not get anywhere else.  The opportunities, I can help give all the Youth Members, by doing my bit is worth it when I see a Scout looking out for a Cub or a Venturer looking out for a Scout and our amazing Leaders looking out for everyone.  Volunteer today to help raise the great adults of our future.”

Rebecca Meagher – Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator and Mum of Cub and Venturer.

How do you become a volunteer?

There are many volunteer roles, including admin and support, section leaders and parent helpers, fundraising and grants assistance and many more.

Our next AGM is in May 2017. If you would like to enquire about volunteering with us before then please go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Amazing Leaders

The Bayside Sea Scouts is managed by a Group Leader and Assistant Group Leader.

Each Section has a Section Leader and 1 or more Assistant Section Leaders.

Group Leaders 

Group Leader


Group Leader

The Group Leader looks after the Bayside Sea Scouts group and represents our group at a regional and State level.

Assistant Group Leader


Assistant Group Leader

The Assistant Group Leader supports and Group Leader in their role

Cubs Scout Leaders – Pack A

Cub Scout Leader - Pack A


Cub Scout Leader - Pack A

The Cub Scouts is split into two groups. The Cub Scout Leader of Pack A is in charge of the Wednesday group.

Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Pack A


Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Pack A

The Assistant Cub Scout Leader of Pack A assists the Pack leader and helps run the events and activites each week.

Youth Helper - Pack A


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Cubs Scout Leaders – Pack B

Cub Scout Leader - Pack B


Cub Scout Leader - Pack B

The Cub Scout Leader of Pack B is responsible for organising and running the Pack B events and activities.

Assistant Scout Cub Leader - Pack B


Assistant Scout Cub Leader - Pack B

The Assistant Scout Cub Leader for Pack B is responsible for assisting the Cub Leader and helping organise and run the events and activities each week.

Assistant Cub Leader

How about giving it a go?

Assistant Cub Leader

This position is currently vacant – have a try out and see if you like it!

Scout Leader

Scouts Leader


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Assistant Scouts Leader


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Assistant Scout Leader



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Venturer Scout Leaders

Venturers Scout Leader


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Assistant Venturers Scout Leader


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Venturers Group Assistant Leader

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Why be a volunteer for Bayside Sea Scouts?

You get to do the unexpected

Sometimes in strange clothing

Meet interesting characters....

And have a great time!

Our Committee 

The committee’s role is to support the Leaders in delivering an existing and sustainable program. All committee members are volunteers.  The Bayside Sea Scouts Committee aims to be welcoming to all members of our group and to have as much fun as the kids.

Chairperson – Deborah Males

The Chairperson is responsible for the day to day running of Bayside Sea Scouts and ensuring that all groups and tasks are being completed.

Treasurer – Lorna Males

The Treasurer looks after the finances for Bayside Sea Scouts. She manages all invoices and receipts and keeps track of hall costs and all other financial matters.

Secretary – Jo Pearn

The Secretary ensures the smooth running of the organisation including meeting agendas and minutes, maintaining inter-committee communications and responding to public enquiries.

Fundraising Co-ordinator – Bec Meagher

The Fundraising Co-ordinator organisers the parent volunteers to run event to fundraise for youth and leader events such as jamborees and maintenance of our hall.

Grants Writer – Lisa

The Grants Writer makes all our dreams come true! Grants provide opportunities to increase our equipment, maintain our hall and provide more activities for all our Sea Scouts.

Maintenance Officer – vacant

This position is currently vacant! The role is to help maintain the hall, identify areas that have maintenance needs and liaise with the team to organise any work that needs to be done.

Hall Hire – Simon Jones

The income from Hall Hire helps with maintenance and lease costs. The Hall Hire officer responds to all hall hire enquiries and manages bookings.

Website Officer – Simon Jones

The Website Officer creates and maintains the website, including responding to feedback and regularly updating the site.

Our volunteer team make it all happen

Fake injuries mended

Rescues and emergency drills are all part of what our Sea Scouts learn how to manage. The only way to prep for this is with lots of fake blood, rolls of stretchy bandages and a willingness to get wet, dirty and covered in paint.

Group Photos Taken

Sea Scouts will give children memories for life. Our volunteers make sure they have the proof to back up tall stories and fun adventures for every single member of our group.

Cups of Coffee Sipped

All parents are encouraged to get involved and help keep our organisation amazing by volunteering. There’s nothing like a coffee to get your mind on the job whether at the hall, in the camp or by the boats.

Adventures facilitated

You never know what you’ll be called on to do in the name of Bayside Sea Scouts. But whatever it is it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun (with possibly a lot of washing up afterwards!).